What you need to know.

As a Purple Table reservation restaurant, you are providing customers who are living with Dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease), Autism, PTSD, a hearing or vision impairment, or other physical or cognitive condition that would benefit from additional accommodations when dining out. The Purple Table reservation flag is designed to integrate with your existing reservation software, and our Purple Table training documents will help you get started.


As a Purple Table restaurant, you can expect:


To make an impact on your community and establish your business as accommodating, caring and empathetic.


You will be ready to take reservations almost immediately. You will train your staff with the provided Purple Table guides and kit, and then will be ready accommodate your guest’s dining requests.


Customers can easily find you on the Purple Table app or website to make reservations.


Attract new customers who are not able to find establishments who can accommodate them.


Our provided training and your commitment will broaden your employee’s awareness, kindness and empathy.

The most common question that restaurants are asking us revolve around the types of Purple Table reservations (special accommodations) that may be requested. We have found that most guests make a "Purple Table" reservation without further detail.  By following the training provided, you will be able to accommodate all reservations without detail using the best practices.  The second most common question is where do they get a Purple Table!  You do not need an actual “Purple Table”, you and your staff will earmark which existing tables in your restaurant best fit the needs of your customers.   



Additional Info.

1.     On average, one Purple Table dinner reservation per month will cover your sign-up fee. The yearly fee is minimal, however if you would like to participate in the program and cannot afford the yearly fee, please contact us.  We do not want to exclude any restaurant who wishes to participate, but cannot for financial reasons. 

2.     For those making a Purple Table reservation, 50-75% are new customers.  

3.     On average, we believe in their first year restaurants will see 8-12 Purple Reservations per month. This is a new concept and will take time to establish and build trust with the population who will utilize Purple Table reservations.  While we don’t think you will be bombarded with the Purple Table reservation flag, you are in control of how many you can facilitate daily and during which hours Purple Table reservations are accepted.



Learn more or signup today!

We want you and your staff to LOVE the Purple Table Reservations program, and we are making sure to keep the overhead low so the program is affordable for all.  If for any reason you would like to participate, but cannot afford to at this time please email us.  We have grants available that may be able to help!