Q. What is a Purple Table reservation?

A. Purple Table reservations are designed for those who may have Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Autism, PTSD, a hearing or vision impairment, or other physical and cognitive conditions that may benefit from special accommodations.  When making a Purple Table reservation, you may provide you with further details.  However no further detail is necessary, a Purple Table reservation is all that is needed! 

When you make a Purple Table reservation at a participating restaurant, the restaurant and staff will go above and beyond to accommodate your reservation. Restaurants who accept Purple Table Reservations have made the commitment to provide well thought out accommodations (i.e. quieter table, table close to restrooms, etc.), and have trained their staff with best practices to provide an enjoyable dining experience for all. Each restaurant will do what they can to make your dining out experience a success.


Q. How will the Purple Table reservation work?

A. Restaurants will need to register to accept Purple Table reservations.  Each restaurant location will be vetted prior to acceptance of registration. If the team at Purple Tables feels a location may not easily be able to accommodate Purple Table reservations, we will discuss this with the restaurant prior to accepting them into the program. Once registered, the restaurants will receive access to an online training tool kit, a complete listing page on the Purple Table website, informative marketing materials and decals for each location and inclusion in all Purple Table initiatives.   Restaurants will be able to outline the days/times that they can best accommodate Purple Table reservations successfully!

Customers will be able to search geographically for restaurants in their area, by zip code, and by restaurant amenities/cuisine using the website or Purple Table Reservations mobile app.  If customers choose to register on the Purple Table website or app they will be able to save their favorite locations, submit reviews of their experiences at a location and have access to Purple Table events and promotions.

The goal of the review system is a positive one.  All customers will privately submit their experiences to us for review, the reviews will be read by Purple Tables staff and then published to the restaurants listing site.  If a restaurants Purple Heart rating drops below a certain level, our team will work with them to help achieve success with each reservation.  By accepting Purple Table reservations, restaurants will be held to certain standards set by the Purple Table Reservations, Inc. organization

Q. How do I integrate Purple Table Reservations with our Existing Reservation system?

A. Purple Table Reservations are designed to be reservation flags (an amenity) requested by the customer when making a reservation.  In all of the popular reservation systems you can add custom amenity and reservation flags, so Purple Tables will integrate seamlessly.  We go into more detail in our Getting Started and Best Practices guide!  

Q. When will Purple Table reservations be available in my area?

A. The Purple Table Reservations directory is live!  Restaurants can signup by clicking the Restaurant Signup link above and customers are now able to search for restaurants offering Purple Table Reservations on the website or via the mobile app! The Purple Table team will be working on our end to get the word out and make this initiative reach far and wide!  If you would like to connect us with some positive people in your area, please send us an email!  Restaurants if you would like to be part of the #First100 and receive 25% off your listing, please email us!