Are you ready to make a small commitment to make a difference in your community and in the lives of many? If YES, then we are so excited to have you join the Purple Table movement!  Below is a step-by-step guide to get started.  We have provided you the tools you need to get informed, organized, and get the word out!  


STEP 1 - Register as a Community Ambassador 

Below you will find the tools you need to become a Community Ambassador, however we would love if you took a moment to register with us!  This will subscribe you to the Ambassador only monthly newsletter, and we will reach out directly if we have needs in your specific community!  Please don't forget to DOWNLOAD the app (links at bottom of page) so that you learn how it works and show restaurants how it works!  Thank you


STEP 2 - Understanding Purple Table Reservations 

Getting started is easy! First, please download the Ambassador Information Packet below which will give you the overview of the program and answers to commonly asked questions. This a new concept for restaurants, so understanding exactly the way it works, the commitment it required and the benefits to restaurants will help you succeed in educating them and hopefully signing them up!  This information is meant to teach YOU all we can about the program!  There are specific marketing materials for restaurants below!


STEP 3 - Getting the word out - Tools and training to educate restaurants in your area

Below are lots of materials to help you spread the word to restaurants in your area!  Feel free to use whichever items work best for you.  The Restaurant info deck is vibrant, informative and great for emailing...while the one page restaurant info sheet is perfect to print off and hand out!  If you do not have the ability to print, please email us with your full name and address and we will mail you some marketing materials!  We have also included our logos below to use and can share on social media.  Please always tag @PurpleTableReservations in facebook posts and @PurpleTables in Instagram and Twitter.  



  • We have people using the app and website all over the country!  On average, people are searching for tables in 40+ states each month.

  • Purple Tables are for those who need them, there is no information asked or disclosed about the reservation and why the customer needs it.
  • The program started in March of 2017 at our restaurant, approximately 6 months later we launched the program as it is today so other restaurants can enroll, and an app that is used to search for and make Purple Table Reservations.
  • In October we had five restaurants registered in Massachusetts, we now have seven restaurants with one in Ohio and one in North Carolina!
  • Of our first 60 Purple Table Reservations, 50 were new customers and had never been to out restaurant before.